I Found a New Place to Live

The place I am living is really fine so far as it goes, especially the rent since there are four other guys sharing this huge old house. I moved in when I was a senior in college, it was perfect then as it was two blocks from campus and obviously inexpensive. It is not a good location for me now and so I have started to look for an apartments for rent in Wichita KS which would be a lot closer to my new office. Of course it is going to be nice if I can get an affordable place on my own, since I have not really been able to sleep well with a lot of younger guys living in the house. Obviously people come and go with this sort of place.

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We Will Be Calling It Home Soon

I work in the heart of San Antonio for the most part, but I do travel around in the immediate area a lot as well. It was during one of those days where I was out of the office more than I was in that I came across Outlook Canyon, which is a really nice apartment complex that is located in a gorgeous area here in San Antonio. Though I had a decent apartment at that time, I still decided to go on their website to see what all they offer there.

I was really surprised to find out just how many amenities are included for anyone who lives there. There are the typical things like a resort like swimming pool and a fitness center, but there are more too. There is a billiards room, which is right up my alley as I have been shooting pool for nearly 20 years.

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Do Tea Bags help to treat Sunburn?


Have you ever experienced redness on your skin? Are you still looking for the single and most excellent way for treating the sunburn? Do tea bags help to treat the sunburn? Did you try the tea bags for treating the sunburn? Saying no, then it’s not a big problem at all. Read this article to know how the tea bags help to treat the sunburned skin and how to use the tea bags for getting complete relief from the sunburned skin.sunburnback

Sunburn is the common problem and at the same time, it is a treatable problem too. It can be treated by many numbers of ways without any side effects.

You can prevent you from the sunburn by keeping your body hydrated. And, it is best to drink plenty of water daily that helps you to stay hydrated so that you can prevent you from the sunburn.

How does the tea bag help in relieving sunburned skin?

We all know that there are plenty of best treatments for sunburn are out there for treating the sunburned skin. But, not all the treatments are effective in treating the sunburn. Some treatments may treat the sunburn in an immediate manner and others will take more time to offer you complete freedom from the sunburned skin.

That’s okay. Here, we’re going to discuss the skin benefits of the tea bags and how it helps to treat the sunburned skin.

Tea bags:

Black tea is an excellent source of antioxidants so it is widely used for treating the sunburned skin and irritated skin. Moreover, the black tea is also very effective to protect your skin from the UV rays and it can reduce the inflammation caused by the sunburn because it is rich in tannins.

If you apply the black tea on the sunburned area, you can also restore your skin’s pH balance.

How to apply the black tea?

  • Take a pot with full of hot water.

  • Add two to three tea bags in it.

  • Allow the tea bags to sit in the bottom of the pot.

  • After that remove the tea bags and let the liquid cool for few minutes.

  • Dip a cloth in the solution and apply the cloth on the affected area.

  • Let it dry for few minutes.

  • Repeat this procedure more than three times a day.

  • Follow this remedy until you get the desired results.

Some other tips to follow to treat the sunburned skin:

Not only the tea bags are effective in treating the sunburned skin, but also some natural home remedies help to get relieve from the sunburn. They are as follows,

  • Potato juice

  • Milk

  • Aloe Vera

  • Coconut oil

  • Vitamin E oil

  • Cucumbers and so on.

Try as well how to get rid of a sunburn overnight and the best natural home remedies that are mentioned above to get rid of the sunburned skin. If you follow the natural ways, you can easily get relief from the sunburn problems. Enjoy your party or night outs with sunburn-free skin.

High-quality aftershave liquid products!

‘Aftershave’ as the term implies is applied to skin after the shave. There are liquids, gels, soaps which are made available in the market. You can choose a product that best fits your interests. By selecting the most convenient shaving product, there will be highest level of satisfaction. The most prominent element in after shave product is an antiseptic agent which is also called as denatured alcohol. The other products are stearate citrate and astringent. The skin irritation will be reduced through the inclusion of astringent. To numb the skin Menthol is also used. The skin damage will be prevented when you choose the best product in the market.

If there is alcohol in aftershave product, there will be burning sensation. TheAfter_shave_gel effect will be present for several seconds to minutes. If your skin is allergic to certain lotions and creams, you should discontinue the product immediately. Swelling, redness and itching are some of the indicators which should be treated as a reaction to the ‘aftershave’ lotion. In most of the cases, there will not be any reaction. There are some men’s cosmetics which include Bay Rum to derive great smell. To enhance scent, fragrance or essential oil is added. To soften the skin, moisturizers are also added. There are natural as well as artificial moisturizers.

You should understand the fact that aftershave is different from eau de cologne. There are some aftershaves in the market which are inspired by cologne. Early aftershaves are made with witch-hazel and bay rum aftershave is one of them. Bay Rum is the name of aftershave lotion. It can also be used as an under-arm deodorant. It is used as a general astringent and as a fragrance for shaving soap. The original ingredient is prepared from rum and the leaves of the West Indian bay tree. The other ingredients are citrus and spice oils.