A Car Crash Hurt My Back

One minute I was driving down the interstate, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital. That is by far the scariest thing I have ever been through. A semi truck lost its brakes and ended up crashing into me. For a crash at that speed, I am lucky that I did not sustain more injuries. As it was, I had a few broken bones, a concussion, and terrible pain in my back. The hospital helped me with the first two, and a chiropractor in Sacramento helped me with the pain in my back because there was nothing the hospital could do for me.

I spent just one day in the hospital which was mainly for observation. They had set my wrist and arm and told me that physical therapy would help me regain my strength in both. They suggested that I see a chiropractor for my back because no injuries came up on their examination. I am so thankful that they told me to do this because I have heard of others who were told to just rest and use heat. I am a proactive type of person, and I did not want to rest when something better could be done.

I did wait a few days before making my appointment simply because I was exhausted from everything that had happened. I was on bed rest for a few days, but I went to the chiropractor four days after my accident. I was so sore, but it felt good actually doing something. The chiropractor was gentle since I was not feeling so well, but a treatment plan was still devised that started that day. I had twisted my back in the wreck, and it took nearly four weeks before I started feeling back to normal. I am just really happy that it is all behind me now!