High-quality aftershave liquid products!

‘Aftershave’ as the term implies is applied to skin after the shave. There are liquids, gels, soaps which are made available in the market. You can choose a product that best fits your interests. By selecting the most convenient shaving product, there will be highest level of satisfaction. The most prominent element in after shave product is an antiseptic agent which is also called as denatured alcohol. The other products are stearate citrate and astringent. The skin irritation will be reduced through the inclusion of astringent. To numb the skin Menthol is also used. The skin damage will be prevented when you choose the best product in the market.

If there is alcohol in aftershave product, there will be burning sensation. TheAfter_shave_gel effect will be present for several seconds to minutes. If your skin is allergic to certain lotions and creams, you should discontinue the product immediately. Swelling, redness and itching are some of the indicators which should be treated as a reaction to the ‘aftershave’ lotion. In most of the cases, there will not be any reaction. There are some men’s cosmetics which include Bay Rum to derive great smell. To enhance scent, fragrance or essential oil is added. To soften the skin, moisturizers are also added. There are natural as well as artificial moisturizers.

You should understand the fact that aftershave is different from eau de cologne. There are some aftershaves in the market which are inspired by cologne. Early aftershaves are made with witch-hazel and bay rum aftershave is one of them. Bay Rum is the name of aftershave lotion. It can also be used as an under-arm deodorant. It is used as a general astringent and as a fragrance for shaving soap. The original ingredient is prepared from rum and the leaves of the West Indian bay tree. The other ingredients are citrus and spice oils.