I Could Not Wait to Graduate to Move Back Home to Minnesota

Remember the Nature Boy Rick Flair? He was recently in the hospital. It is supposed that he had a heart problem, but it looks like he made a pretty decent recovery. I mention him because he is from my home town of Edina, Minnesota too. I came back here to the headquarters of corporations such as DQ to work my business degree into a career I would enjoy and be able to retire from. I went to school pretty far away, but longed for home. I settled in one of the nice Edina apartments in MN. A new place with lots of nice amenities. I rented an apartment in college, and it was not nice like this place.

My place at Cedars of Edina Apartments has a very nice kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. I also have a gas stove. Any gourmet will tell you how it is much better to cook on a gas stove than it is to use an electric range. You get steady controllable heat with gas that electric just cannot provide. I traded in my car for an all-wheel drive SUV to navigate the Minnesota winter I had not seen in a few years. However, one nice thing is having heated underground parking here at the apartment complex. There is a great fitness center, and I also have indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools and indoor and outdoor spa tubs to enjoy. They thought of everything here.

When I got married, my wife liked my two bedroom place so much that we decided to live here. We adopted a dog from a local shelter as the apartments are also pet-friendly. I enjoy our little family and our Minnesota way of life. We are cozy and comfortable here, and we enjoy all the great things our state has to offer.