I Found a New Place to Live

The place I am living is really fine so far as it goes, especially the rent since there are four other guys sharing this huge old house. I moved in when I was a senior in college, it was perfect then as it was two blocks from campus and obviously inexpensive. It is not a good location for me now and so I have started to look for an apartments for rent in Wichita KS which would be a lot closer to my new office. Of course it is going to be nice if I can get an affordable place on my own, since I have not really been able to sleep well with a lot of younger guys living in the house. Obviously people come and go with this sort of place. I got a room because someone else graduated and I was going to move out until I caught on with a start up that used to be located near the campus in an old warehouse.

It is a big deal to make the right decision on this and it is pretty obvious that you can get a much better bottom line if you can find a roommate that is going to be reliable. I know all about that sort of issue, I have had about three dozen roommates since I went to college. Most of them were good and they did what they were supposed to do so far as they were able. Some of them could not manage to do all of the stuff they should have done, most college students are basically broke if you did not know this. Some of them have wealthy parents and that is the sort you would like to pick if you have the chance to do it. However I had some that drank too much instead of paying their rent too.