I Just Finished the Big Move

It took me a long time to drive up here, I took the Pacific Coast Highway for a part of the trip and that sort of turned into a mistake since there was a wreck that caused a long delay. I tried to get my brother in law to help me, but he was not interested and I hired this guy I know to drive his truck up here with a second trailer. He is out of work or else he would not have done it. Of course when we got done I had to find a San Jose chiropractor to work on my back. That is not a huge surprise, since I have been having issues with my back for years and years. It started when I was playing football for my college. I was never very good, but it was a small college and they never had anyone who was much better than I was.

At any rate I have been working on that today, since I do not have to start my new job until next week. I am going to be working really hard to get that done. I know from experience that it is almost impossible to get things done when you are in real pain. Of course there is not any point in trying to use pain pills as that does not solve anything, but right now I am going to need a lot of tylenol. If you know much about chiropractors, then you realize that it is a good idea to pick one that knows what he is doing and does not make so many mistakes. That can be really bad for you, although the risk is a lot greater if you have a problem with the neck area. That is a real serious issue.