My Doctor Recommended I See a Chiropractor

My doctor told me that I should see a Peoria chiropractor because his options for my back pain were not ones that he would suggest other than as a final option. He is not the type to prescribe medicine just to make a patient feel better. He does not want to cover up the pain as the main source of treatment. He does not mind doing that as long as the cause is being addressed as well. With my back pain, just prescribing pain pills was not going to take care of the problem, which is why he wanted me to see a chiropractor.

I asked him what a chiropractor could do for me that he could not, and he explained how a medical doctor and a chiropractic doctor are completely different. He could tell that I was resistant, but that changed when he told me how long a chiropractor has to go to school just to get licensed. I thought that it was a brief stint, but it is at least eight years. That gave me more confidence, and I went ahead and made the appointment with the chiropractor that my regular doctor had suggested I see.

I was surprised to see that all I needed was a spinal manipulation to feel better. The chiropractor explained not only the process but also why it works, and I was convinced after having one done and feeling relief. I knew that I was going to go back for more, because he did tell me that I would need a series of them to completely align my spine properly. I went back two more times in the next 10 days, and the difference is simply amazing. I never expected to feel this good from chiropractic care, and I am so glad that my doctor recommended that I see this one.