My Pastor Had a Sore Back

I felt so bad for my pastor when he had to take a couple of weeks off from preaching because of a sore back. He still came to service, but the associate pastor is the one who took care of the sermon and everything else. I approached my pastor the second week after I saw how hard it was for him to walk up the three steps from the foyer to the chapel area. I prayed with him first, then I asked him if he had been to a Sacramento chiropractic center yet.

I knew from personal experience how much a chiropractor can help a person who is hurting because of a sore back. My pastor had not been to see one, but he did ask me for the name of mine. I was so glad that he ended up going and seeing him too. He told me the following Sunday that he had went a couple of days after we talked, and he had some testing done to determine what was causing the pain. I did not ask too many questions because I did not want him to feel obligated to share his medical story with me, but I was so happy to see him walking up those steps so much easier.

I had a feeling that the chiropractor would be able to help him because of my own time with the chiropractor. I had a very bad back ache when I went to him a few years ago, and he had me feeling normal again within a month. I didn’t expect any overnight miracles because I knew it had taken years for my back to get to that point. I was just glad that my pastor was recovering a lot faster than what I did. He felt so good that next week that he even preached to the congregation!