Putting off Good Advice Can Be Painful

I thought I was pretty lucky not long ago when I was hit from behind. I was stopped on an on ramp to the interstate, but the person behind me was not paying attention. He rear ended me, and I am just so thankful that he did not push me out onto the interstate. Instead, I was pushed into the guard rail. I was able to get out of my car and exchange insurance info as well as talk to the police. I refused medical attention, but I was advised to seek out a chiropractor in Sacramento since that is where I live.

I did not think anything about that for a few days because I just was not hurting that much. I did have some pain in my upper back and across my shoulders, but I figured that was just because of the seat belt. The impact was pretty hard, so I thought that some pain was to be expected. What I was not counting on was that the pain would get worse in a few days. Not only did it get worse, but it seemed to be migrating across my neck area, which was really bothersome.

I asked my mom to make me an appointment with the same chiropractor that she and my dad have used for a few years. I did not know anything about her myself, but if my folks were happy with her, then I knew she had to be okay. I was so happy that she was able to do a manipulation on me that day because it took a good bit of the pain away. She scheduled me for several more, three times a week, and I felt so much better after the first few. Next time I am told something important, I am not going to put it off because I might have been able to avoid some of the pain if I had gone to the chiropractor earlier.